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Re: Exo's Exposé

Hi @Exoplanet   you sound so positive in your last post.  As always beautiful and eloquent.  Love your sun worshipping naked and the break in the clouds from Hughey.  I sometimes say 'come on Hughey' when not happy with the weather, as I shake my fist at the sky!  I remember well the freedom of living somewhere away from it all where it was safe to sun or moon bathe whilst 'sky clad' as wiccans call it.  I do miss that intensely at times, but have to be where I am for the time being.  In a back yard cabin in a large city, quite close to the main centre of town.  Family support and a close health team are things I will need for who knows how long.

Lots of love, take care xx


Delayed response because I had interstate family here for a few days.

Re: Exo's Exposé

Re: Exo's Exposé

I have water, with pressure, coming out of the hose in the kitchen & the bathroom!!Smiley Happy Woo Hoo, I won't have to spend a greater portion of my day having to deal with water! Smiley Happy It's all fixed! . . . well sort of. I had to by-pass the inline filter, I think the rubber washers/grommets {whatever they're called} are had it. I will get another, but for now the water is working Smiley Happy I'd had enough of playing camp water Smiley Very Happy I did put off going out to do it, 'cause just the thought of it made me tired. There wasn't any heavy lifting involved or anything really physical; it was just knowing how much up & down from sitting to standing, in & out from the shed to the tank to the solar set up & getting my body into the postions to access the screws & clamps & so on. But it's done & I'm glad, but it did bugger me out; in fact I had & still have a bit of nausea. It was hot & I did sweat like a pig & my appetite isn't very strong {it never is} [guess I should have another glass of Sustagen @outlander  Smiley Wink ]. I'm going into town today to get . . . whatever I want to eat . . . problem is I often can't come up with anything that I want! It has to be something light & I want it to be fresh, I've lived on cupboard food for a couple of weeks while I couldn't drive. I'll pop into the library while I'm there, I took out a series with 5 or 6 DVDs in it . . . but I've already seen them :l So I'll finish this up, do some excercises {I won't do them whilst worshipping the sun this morning, it's too hot, the radition intensity is too high! I'll have to swap to late afternoon sun worshipping Smiley Wink }, get dressed & head in. 

Love to all that need or want it Heart

@Mazarita  {miss you}   @outlander  @eth  @greenpea  @Shaz51  @Sans911  @Appleblossom @Zoe7  @Faith-and-Hope  @Teej @CheerBear  

Re: Exo's Exposé

hugs my @Exoplanet HeartHeart

missing you too @Mazarita xx

Re: Exo's Exposé

Hugs @Exoplanet 

Glad you sorted the water. You really are amazing. Many could not. Especially not I .... You are how I would have liked to be ... but I am just not up to much climbing and craning at things with my neck.


Great idea about the library. I love the library ... thats what I'll do tomorrow. Havent been in ages.


Great to hear from you.


Smiley Happy

Re: Exo's Exposé

Hi @Exoplanet  you sound like you're doing so well.  I'm happy for you xx

Re: Exo's Exposé

@Exoplanet Smiley Happy 🧡🧡🧡

Re: Exo's Exposé

@Exoplanet  Hey Exoplanet I think you are a star Smiley Happy. I wouldnt even know where to start doing all the things that you do around your property. You are a clever lady you know just take it easy and dont work yourself too hard. Good to hear from you love your peaxxx

Re: Exo's Exposé

hello @Exoplanet 

Sorry that I haven't been here for you...

I take time off and come back and try to reply to everyone..then I need to get off of the computer..

head space is not the best at the moment..

I thought that I had checked in with you and I hadn't...

I also am checking in with people in real life and think becoming confused..


why am I not surprised that you are again fixing something that is way out of my league.

laughed about the sustagen..well  said @outlander 

I was put on that when I was 17 after having glandular fever and then back at work down with tonsilitis..

In those situations and yours if you are only eating cupboard food it is a very good support system.


what are you noticing the most now that you are back home in your sanctuary with your furry family? what part of your property gives you a feeling of serenity?

I have a heritage tree on our land where we are still in process of building..this will be the first place I truly hope where I will feel that I have found home...

I have such a strong affinity to nature ...trees and water in particular...

take care @Exoplanet even though you are working like a tradesperson laugh 


Re: Exo's Exposé

Hello @Sophia1  Heart


It's soooo good to hear from you Heart Though you have nothing to be sorry about!

You have & always are, here for me & I know it, with certainty! Heart As I will always

be here for you <3

I hope the space in you head calms soon Heart & if knowing that I'm thrilled whenever

you are able to 'check in' makes you feel better . . . I'm glad help, because I am Heart


What am I noticing the most now that I am back home in my sanctuary with

my furry family? - Contentment Heart a new appreciation of everything I have here,

but especially the fences, the freedom for my puppies . . . & me Smiley Very Happy

What part of my property gives me a feeling of serenity? - all of it, everything inside

my wonderful fences Smiley Happy but especially the boundary line that we walk every day Smiley Happy

I hope you strong affinity to nature, especially the heritage tree, will give you that

that feeling of 'home'. That tree defied all the odds & was not knocked down, it has

ancient roots anchoring it solidly in it's position. I believe it will share it's strength

with you & welcome you Heart

Lots of love from the Tradie Smiley Very Happy


[I thought I'd replied to you Sophia, but it seems nutritional suppliments are outside the guidelines, same as medications . . . it's all good Smiley Happy - so I took that line out Smiley Wink I'm heading into the city for a hospital appointment today, so I'm not fixing the smiley faces up, just wanted to make sure you know I'm thinking of you]

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